Sunday, December 03, 2017

Seeing Into Things...

Here's one The Fuzz has been working on for a writer's group he's been hanging with to keep off the streets these days.

Seeing Into Things...

"I'm just worried about him, Billy."

"Look, Daisy, I'm meeting him in a few minutes. Everything will be fine."

That wasn't her real name, but I have called her that ever since we were kids in grade school. At first it had just been a tease, but the name had stuck.

I hadn't recognized the number when she called. That was odd. I had just finished talking to Jeff and was getting into the car to go meet him. I almost didn't pick it up.

Daisy had sounded worried. And Jeff had been acting odd lately. As I started the car I recalled last Friday evening. They had invited me for dinner. That was not unusual. The three of us have been friends since middle school. I often join them for dinner and a movie at their home. I live alone, myself.

And Jeff had been acting strangely that night. He kept making excuses to leave the room, and would stay gone for an unusually long time. It was obvious that something was bothering him, and it made me uncomfortable. I was relieved when Jeff had finally called today. He asked me to meet him privately at our old swimming hole by the river. He wanted to talk.

But he had sounded desperate. "You're the only one that can help me," he had pleaded. I was glad to put on my cape and fly to the rescue.

Jeff's truck was already there when I arrived. This was a popular spot in the summer, but we would be sure to be alone at this time of year. Following the path, I recalled those lazy summer days when Jeff, Daisy and I would join our friends here to escape the summer's heat. I had thought I was in love with her then. But to Daisy, I was always "like a brother" as she put it. I realized that this was meant as a compliment, but still...

And in the end she had married Jeff.

When I saw him, Jeff was sitting in our old place, a log overlooking the river. He was holding a half empty bottle of Jack Daniel's - which accounted for the odd way his truck had been parked. I sat down beside him. Jeff passed the bottle and we didn't speak.

"Jeff... what's eating you?" I finally asked.

"Nothin', man," Jeff replied. "What are you talking about?"

"It's just that Daisy said..."

"Daisy said, huh?" Jeff said taking another long pull of the whiskey.

After a long pause and another drink Jeff spoke.

"I got a big problem," he began. "I need help bad."

"At work?"

I knew that Jeff had a high-stress job. Daisy had told me of her worries that Jeff would crack under the pressure. But I knew Jeff, he was tough. It had to be something else.

"You want to talk about it?" 

"No, dammit!"

"You called

"You can't help."

Jeff suddenly stood up throwing the empty bottle into the river. He had a wild look in his eyes as he turned toward me.

"You are the problem!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I demanded facing him. He shoved me back and I fell over the log we had been sitting on.

"I know all about you and Daisy," Jeff told me waving Daisy's cell phone.

The pieces began to fall into place as I lay looking up at him. This was why Daisy had called from her neighbor's phone. She had told me that she couldn't find her phone or car keys.

My phone began to ring in my pocket.

"Give it to me!" Jeff demanded. He was holding a pistol now. Reluctantly I handed the phone to him as it continued to ring. As Jeff took the call I prayed it was anyone but Daisy.

"Bitch," was all he said, tossing the phone into the river.

"You thought I was a fool," Jeff said now, as I struggled to my feet. "Well, now who is the fool?"

"Jeff, this is crazy. We never... Daisy loves you... she is only worried about you."

"Worried that I'd find about you two!" he replied in triumph. "It's too late now for your lies!"

"Jeff," I pleaded, "Think what you're saying!"

"I'm done thinking," he said coldly raising the gun now.

I was surprised at how far one can see into the barrel of a pistol when it is pointed at your face.

Just for fun of course!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

When Cats Prowl

Here's one from the archives
The Fuzz was going through some old sketchbooks

Just for fun

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Air Show 3

Here comes another one

This is the B-17's big brother

The B-29

It was one of these guys that dropped that first A-bomb and ended the war.

She made a few passes so folks could get a good look.

And lastly…
Back on the ground.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Air Show 2

One of the things The Fuzz liked about this Air Show was getting to see some of these old warbirds in the air.

Here come one now

And now a bit closer…
This one is an icon of the 2nd World  War.

The B-17 of course!

The partial cloud cover made for some great pix

You may notice she's got some company in this one…
But that will be for a later post.

And one last look at her on the ground

Monday, September 18, 2017

Air Show

The Fuzz was fortunate to be invited to visit family and attend the Andrews Air Show up at Andrews Air Force Base.
Of course he brought his camera along.
There may be a few pix here.

For this post we'll have a few shots of a P-51 Mustang.

And here's a closer look

We'll see this guy again later…

But next time we'll have a look at one of his bigger brothers.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Timid Wonderment

Timid Wonderment

When the door has finally opened
The lid at last is cracked
The dim light
Now bright
To the unaccustomed eyes

Fearfully compelled
Impossible to hide
In this darkness
Any longer

Shielded eyes
Trembling fingers
Halting steps

Face now lifting
In Timid Wonderment

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Street Musicians

Here's some pix of some local street musicians at a recent local festival.
This guy's cigar-box guitar sounded pretty good.
(Guess he might have been a little more "official")
And this little gal could really work that fiddle.

It's nice to hear people making music live.