Thursday, August 10, 2017

Street Musicians

Here's some pix of some local street musicians at a recent local festival.
This guy's cigar-box guitar sounded pretty good.
(Guess he might have been a little more "official")
And this little gal could really work that fiddle.

It's nice to hear people making music live.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Just a Little Guy

The Fuzz saw this fellow on a walk down by the river the other day.
At first He thought it was a fly and wondered what he was up to on the flower.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Instant Storage

It's been awhile The Fuzz admits, but he did finally show up again.
And so, here we go!

So what is going on here anyway?

Well The Fuzz's Sweetie wanted a place to keep her art supplies, cloth stash etc. that was a bit handier than the Old Place in town…
About a 25 mi. round trip!

The Fuzz helped get the place ready for it, but was a bit concerned about getting the thing in there.

He figured they'd bring it on a roll-back truck and have to back it in somehow.

It did come on a roll-back trailer, but it was not necessary to back it in!

The guy dropped it off right out on the road.

Then he picked up one end with his "Mule"…
And placed some wheels under it…
Picked up the other end and just pulled it all in like a Little Red Wagon.
(Or maybe a Big Red Wagon)

After that it was just a ride down the driveway…
And into position.

At this point there was a bit of discusion regarding exactly how high to mount it on the blocks.
Once that was settled the thing was jacked up, wheels removed…
And everything arranged just right.
Here you can get a better look at his remarkable little "Mule".

So now all that remains is for her to get the inside put together how she wants.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Snail's Breakfast

The Fuzz saw this guy this morning and couldn't resist a pix…
Or two.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Couple of Blossoms

A couple of blossoms from the garden this morning.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Another Day… Another Lake

Well it's been awhile again.  This seems to be a trend these days.
So, what's up with The Fuzz?

Well, first he was on "Grandpa Duty" for awhile.
This involved trying to keep up with a wild little granddaughter while her momma was at work.
And this did keep him busy, we assure you.

But he did survive.

When he got back in town there was a bit of gardening to take care of.

And that seems to be doing fine for now.

There had been a good deal of rain around here while he was gone.  It turned out that the water had pooled up on the Molly B's tarp-cover and kinda caved it in.
This sorta bent up the PVC frame for the sun awning.
He's attempting to get things straitened out now.
How well this works remains to be seen.

But he did make it up to the lake yesterday.
And got a look at this guy.
But he didn't stay still for long…
Still dragging the landing gear.
And one last brief look before he was gone.
Sorry the pix aren't better though.

The Fuzz caught a couple of tiny fishes, then spent the rest of the day on a slow exploration cruise.
It turned out to be a nice day.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lakecamping Backwaters

Although she is not a canoe or kayak, the Molly B can take The Fuzz into those backwaters he enjoys so much.
When the water gets shallow, it's no problem to pull up the motor and get out the oars.
How could he not love a place like this?

Fishing is just an excuse to get out and "Mess About" as it were.
But it seems that his bobber has a stowaway on board!

And that stowaway has plenty of friends around.
Now here's another challenge.
These guys are really beautiful…
But how to catch them in flight?
They're fast!
And just Forget auto-focus…
But it can be done.

And yeah…

They did get the worm while The Fuzz was busy with the camera.

But that's all part of the fun.